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The hospitality area consists of two buildings in which 10 independent apartments of unique beauty and authentic aesthetic are located. One apartment is between the lemon tree estate, and the second looks at the horizon from the top of the hill. Although St. Louis is thoroughly renovated, it preserves the charm of the old offering modern comfort within a space where authentic Greek beauty is present in every corner.

All apartments have a terrace or a courtyard in order for the visitor to come even closer to the nature of St. Louis, which has the ability to calm and relax anyone looking at it. The rooms are ideal for couples searching calmness and, after consultation, the possibility of adding a bed in an apartment is feasible to facilitate a family that is also looking for peace and quiet.
The St. Louis family is waiting for you, from the end of May until the end of September, to meet Andros in the most unique way … living the experience of a place with identity where every Eastern sun will bring you closer to yourself.

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