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The unique thing about St. Louis is that it is located in a green estate in which one has the feeling that it is away from the bustle and sounds of the road. Andros Town though is just a 15-minute walk away and the beach of Nimborio is equally close for cool moments by the sea in the clear waters of the Aegean Sea.

300 meters from St. Louis starts one of the hiking trails that is part of the unique and extensive network of trails that in 2015 was labeled as “Leading Quality Trails – Best of Europe”, making Andros one of Europe’s top hiking destinations.

A car is necessary to see Andros in order to have a more relaxing holiday on a big island with long distances. St. Louis offers free parking on site and can advise you on the rental of vehicles on the island.


 √ From Athens

Form Athens take the KTEL Bus from Mavromateon str. Pedion Areos. Your destination is Rafina port. (+30 2108808082). The cost is about 4 € per person.

  √ From E. Venizelos Airport (Athens Airport).

From E.Venizelos airport take the KTEL bus to Rafina port. The bus station is located outside the airport terminal. Check the time schedule at the information center. Usually there is one bus per hour. The cost is about 4 € per person.

  √ From Port of Rafina to Gavrio / Andros

From Rafina port you can reach Gavrio (port of Andros) by ferry or high speed vessel. The trip is two hours by ferry and one hour by high speed boat. The cost by ferry is about 15 € and by speed vessel 22 € per person. There is a frequent service, which intensifies during summer.

Rafina Port Authority (+30 2294 028888).


√ From Gavrio to Chora Andros

Transport within the island is performed by KTEL-Andros Bus Service (tel. + 30 2282 022316), with frequent service between the villages. The bus station at Gavrio is located outside the port entrance. The distance to Chora is 35 Km and the cost is about 4 € per person.

Start by car, from the port of Andros, a 30-minute seaside route that will take you to the mainland of the island. For 15 minutes you will drive between the picturesque villages of Andros and passing the last, Mesaria, you will begin to see signs of St. Louis. Follow the signs that will lead you through an old ravine with stone-built fences and cypress in our estate. After this scenic route and most importantly after our landmark, the historic bridge, you will see St. Louis emerging through the trees ready to welcome his new and old customers.

We wish you a safe trip.

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