There is no doubt that a stay in Andros – this magnificent and lush green Aegean island – should be on your priority list when traveling. And along with it, you must also be aware of the best activities in Andros. One of them is, of course, hiking. Our island is full of enchanting trails ideal for those who enjoy hiking, nature and adventure.

In fact, if you are staying in one of our Saint Louis Suites in Andros, you’ll be happy to know that some of the most spectacular hiking trails lie in close proximity to our accommodation facilities, allowing you to experience one of the best activities in Andros easily.

Many of them are stone-paved, meaning they’ll further facilitate your wanderings, while all of them are set amidst the island’s extraordinary natural scenery. After all, hiking is considered one of the most popular activities in Andros because it offers travelers the opportunity to explore the island’s natural heritage and truly grasp its essence.

It is also important to note that these trails are parts of longer routes on the island, which are numerically grouped. So let’s get to know some of the most scenic trails worth discovering during your stay in Andros that, luckily, are very close to Saint Louis Suites.

Number 1: Saint Panteleimon – Chora
This is a wonderful trail on which you will be able to encounter one of the four active monasteries of the island, the Panachrantou Monastery.

Number 2: Chora – Vourkoti
If you want to discover the most mountainous village of Andros at a fairly high altitude offering unique views, this is the ideal trail for you.

Number 6: Vourkoti – Achla Beach
From the highest highs to the most beautiful lows! Following this trail, you will find yourself on one of our island’s most beautiful – and renowned – beaches.

Number 3: Chora – Korthi
On this majestic trail, you will end up in a splendid village – a real gem – of Andros.

Number 8: Apikia – Gialia Beach
The best of both worlds! Start from a lush green village with an earthy beauty to a deep blue, lively beach, perfect for water sports.

Number 17: Chora – Livadia
Follow this trail if you wish to find yourself in one of Andros’s most picturesque, fairytale-like villages.

Whichever of the above paths you choose, you can be certain you’ll gain the experience of a lifetime. Moreover, since, as mentioned above, hiking is one of the most widespread and highly organized activities in Andros, you don’t have to worry about getting lost. More specifically, there are wooden information signs all around from which you can draw valuable details, while there’s always the option of hiring a qualified guide for even greater safety.

Don’t miss the chance to experience the unique moments hiking on these trails promises during your next stay in Andros and Saint Louis Suites.