Are you in search of the perfect destination for your next vacation? Trust us when we say that the stunning Cycladic island of Andros is the ideal getaway spot for you! By renting one of the stunning suites in Andros, you will have the unique opportunity to fully appreciate its lush greenery, beautiful beaches, and picturesque villages. But that’s not all. Here are four great reasons to stay in Andros on your next vacation:

1. Perfect Family Destination
Our spectacular island offers a range of sites, activities and accommodation options for everyone. From tranquil and bustling beaches to easily accessible attractions perfect for the whole family, there’s absolutely no way you won’t find something great for people of all ages while you’re here. Plus, the splendid suites in Andros, such as our Saint Louis Suites, offer spacious retreats to comfortably accommodate every member of the family.

2. Easy-Access Paradise
Although Andros is one of the largest and most charming islands of the Cyclades, it is only two hours away from our Greek capital, Athens. Specifically, it is 37 nautical miles from Attica, and by taking a ferry from the port of Rafina, you can be here within two hours. A stay in Andros provides a blissful escape from the hectic pace of the city whilst still being so easily reachable.

3. Incredible Scenery
Sure, the suites in Andros sound very tempting, but the natural beauties of our island will most certainly impress you as well. Captivating trails, white sand beaches framing crystal blue waters, caves and coves full of wildlife – along with so much more – are all guaranteed with a stay in Andros, ensuring stunning views at every turn.

4. Activities for Everyone
With activities ranging from amusing water sports to hiking in lovely traditional villages and enjoying the island’s rich cultural heritage in archaeological sites such as the Castle of Andros, staying here offers great activities for all. Especially for families with kids who can benefit immensely from the valuable insights they receive regarding the culture. Lively nightlife also offers excellent entertainment options for parents, who, of course, are also deserving of some relaxing moments.

Whether you desire a peaceful retreat away from it all or an action-packed adventure with plenty of sightseeing opportunities, a stay in Andros is bound to deliver the best holiday experience you’ve ever had. If you are planning your next vacation, don’t waste any more time. Rent a suite in Andros as soon as possible and get ready…
An unforgettable journey begins!